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Pamilacan Island

3 Dives for 5,000 Php,  including Marine Fee, and full Equipment Rental.
Pamilacan Island dives are only in the morning and depend on weather conditions.


Full equipment rent 


Divemaster services 

Tanks and weights 

Coffee, tea, water, and fruits 

Use of locker and wifi (dive shop)

Hot and Cold showers 

Medical oxygen and first aid kit available (dive boat)

Tanks and weights 

Bbq lunch 

Life vest and life ring onboard

Toilet and kitchen onboard

Nitrox rent 400 PHP per tank Snorkelers 2000 PHP per head

Distance: 18-19 km from Alona Beach 

Travel time: 1 hour and 15 minutes from Alona Beach.

Assembly time 6:30 am  - Departure 7:15 am

Pamilacan Island.png


Start the dive at 25m and come up to 10-15m. great drift dive, good for two dives. First dive in front of the small rocky island and second dive before your exit point from the first dive.

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Spanish Tower

Looking for a dive spot that's both beautiful and exciting? Look no further than the Spanish Tower Diving Spot. This stunning reef dive spot is full of life, with an incredible array of colorful coral formations and exotic sea creatures. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, this spot is sure to leave you in awe.


Cervera Shoal

Often a strong drift dive. Monitor your NDL, the average depth is deeper than normal. It is an underwater shoal with a top at 8m which means you have to make a safety stop in free water and make use of a marker buoy to drift at 5m, 3min for your safety stop. There used to be some dynamite fishing, the reef is however slowly recovering. Often this dive site is the second dive in combination with Pamilacan Island.

Many Black-Banded Sea snakes, morays like the white-eyed, starry moray eel, and Nudibranchs. Small reef fish. Some corals and bucket sponges. The top is teeming with sea urchins, be careful with your buoyancy.


Dakit Wall

Dakit Wall, situated at Pamilacan Island, is renowned for its stunning underwater scenery and abundant marine life. Divers have the opportunity to explore this masterpiece dive spot, characterized by its tranquil ambiance and rich diversity of sea creatures. Notably, Pamilacan Island is also home to the rare Harlequin shrimp, adding to the allure of diving at Dakit Wall.

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