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Fantastic dive centre!

I was told by my hotel that all dive permits for balicasag were gone for the duration of my stay. Alona Divers sorted my dives no problem. Did 4 with them. One wreck dive where I had the wreck all to myself!! One sea horse hunting, and two at balicasag which included an epic jack fish climax! King my guide knew I loved turtles too so he went out of his way to point out all the turtles for me! All the staff were fab but special thanks to Jack and King for being fab DMs and take good care of me under water and above! Dive with these guys. They are brilliant!

— Francesca Bizon (Facebook)

1 on Trip Advisor because they are the BEST!

Did my Open Water with Alona Divers in July 2017. Had such an amazing time went back in September to do some Advanced skills and also explore some new dive locations. The staff are warm and friendly and make you feel very welcome. And of course the diving is fantastic, led by a team of extremely professional, dedicated and patient dive masters. Alona Divers is rightly #1 on Trip Advisor.

Simon Millwar (Facebook)

A great family atmosphere

I've just been reading through the 7 reviews which were poor and would gently remind readers that these are old reviews. I have been in touch with the shop in the preceding months to coming here and Joey has been excellent in communicating. 

We are day 3 into 8 days of diving and while we always take our own gear where ever we dive.. I have not seen any faulty or worn kit used by others on the 10 dives we have done so far

The briefings have been brief....hence the name but they have contained all the necessary information we needed to have a safe dive including current and underwater topology. 

Our guide has been quick to point out interesting items and while in answer to a previous comment of "not checking air" we are competent divers and do not need "hand holding" The brief clearly states to let your guide know as you run down which we do, I'm sure if you are new or not confident to manage your own gas and dive duration then they would step in and offer a greater level or supervision.

All in all.. an excellent dive outfit. The only surprise that caught us was you currently have to pay cash. If we hadn't spotted that sooner it would have been a very awkward end to the week. But.. We sorted it with Joey and he told us how and where to safely get cash out of an ATM.

I have no problems giving Alona Divers 10 out of 10 although I'm sure expectations and opinions vary so in the end you make up your own mind. One last thing I will say... the Philippino people are amazing... and will do what they can to help...unlike Europeans. Treat them with respect... don't argue or belittle them in front of anyone and nearly every problem can be resolved.

—Andy J (Trip Advisor)

"Great Experience! One of the few PH owned and operated dives shops on Alona Beach"

Fantastic dive company. I was on my own and they made effort to make me feel very welcome. I also forgot my camera, and they took theirs, so I have lots of pictures which was wonderful. A fantastic experience. Beautiful, amazing, highly highly recommend.

— Amygaunce' Contribution (Trip Advisor)

Unbelievable Experience!

Dive guide King is the best dive guide I’ve come across in my years of diving. 
Very professional. 
He can spot the smallest of creatures. 
It’s like he went down a hour before and planted them there. 
Every time you turn around there is more to see. 
Balacasag island is a gem.. 

— Chris001 (Trip Advisor)