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Balicasag Island

2 Dives for 3,000 Php, Full Equipment Rental for 500 Php, Environmental Fee 250 Php,  Dive Computer 500 Php.

(Optional) 3rd dive 1250 Php Danao Wall or House Reef dives.

BBQ lunch 400 Php


Balicasag Island.jpg

Black Forest

There are many coral heads in the shallow part and a forest of Black coral at 35-45m. Usually, the dive starts against the current and stays low over the sandy bottom, and after, the current will change, so you can drift dive the second part.

An aquarium with all kinds of Anthias, Rockcods Groupers, Scorpion fishes, Squirrel fishes, Parrotfish, Wrasse, Damsel Fish, and Anemonefishes. The triggerfishes are aggressive in the months of May, June, and July.


Rico's Wall

Drop-wall in front of the resort on the west side of the island. The dive site has many small caverns, ledges, and reef overhangings. If you are going in the north direction you probably finish the dive in the dive site Cathedral and if you dive in the south direction, you finish at the dive site Rudy’s Rock.

Large schools of Vlamming’s Unicorn fish and silver Jack’s Big eye Trevally that are swimming in circles like a tornado Midnight Snapper and many different kinds of big-size Sweetlip fishes.



Wall with big overhangs, ledges, and gaps. On a bright day, beautiful light reflects inside the cathedral.

Among the overhangs are yellow bucket sponges, and the wall has big and colorful sea fans. Often, Barracudas and Anglerfish, among the shallow water, are the snub nose drummer. Off the wall in the blue water, the Big-mouth Mackerel. Close to the border are many Golden Sergeant fish, Midnight Snapper, and many Pyramid Butterflies. They are also seen in the One-Spot Snapper.


Rudy Rocks

Deep drop-off wall in the south/west side of Balicasag Island.  The land orientation is the big rock marked with the stick in front of the beach in low water.

Soft and hard corals, small caverns, and crevices. Often school of “Jacks” in the Big eye trevally swim in circles like a tornado. Midnight Snapper are swimming among sweetlip fishes.

eZy Watermark_08-09-2023_20-14-45-2350.JPG

Steep slope with top at 10m, it is the north-east side of Balicasag. You see Panglao Island in the north direction.

A true aquarium with many Gold band Fusilier, Big-mouth Mackerel, Midnight Snapper, Red tooth Trigger fish and Turtle. On the reef edge between 10 and 15m are great corals like the Brown Daisy coral and some Big Bucket sponges.


1.  All reservations must be done online. 


2.  A maximum of 20 divers per dive shop is allowed per day. 


3. Only two dives per day are allowed on the island.


4. All bookings must be done in advance. 


5. Open water courses and DSDs are not allowed on the island.

6. Only 150 tickets per day are being sold online. 

7. Dive operators like Alona Divers can book two dive boats at a time—one dive boat for snorkelers and the 2nd dive boat for scuba diving. 

Other dive sites in Panglao are always available with unlimited visits/dives.


We are looking forward to having you dive with us!

Cancellation Policy for Diving Activities:

A 50% nonrefundable fee applies. A valid medical certificate must be presented for cancellations.

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