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Black Forest

There are many coral heads in the shallow part and a forest of Black coral at 35-45m. Normally, the dive starts against the current and stays low over the sandy bottom, and after, the current will change, so you can drift dive the second part. This is the best dive site in the Bohol Triangle.

Marine Life
An aquarium with all kinds of Anthias, Rockcods Groupers, Scorpion fishes, Squirrel fishes, Parrotfish, Wrasse, Damsel Fish, and Anemonefishes. The triggerfishes are aggressive in the months of May, June, and July.

Dive Direction 

Start the dive with the slope on the right shoulder, going south.

District                         : Balicasag Island
Distance                     : 10km from Alona Beach
Travel Time                : Circa 27min by banca
GPS Coordinates     : Entry point = N.09˚ 30.890’ E.123˚ 41.336’ Exit Point = N.09˚ 30.779’ E.123˚ 41.182’
Baring                          : From Alona 251˚                                          
: Steep slope dive
Snorkeling                  : Deep for snorkeling
Experience                 : Dive site for good Openwater divers or higher
Visibility ±                    : 15-30m
Depth                           : 8-40m
Current                        : 1-3
Interest                        : Most interesting at 15m. Not interesting below 40m.
Dynamite Fishing     : Not affected

Black Forest Begin.png
Black Forest Halfway.png

Black Forest Gallery

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