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Start the dive at 25m and come up to 10-15m. It is a great drift dive, good for two dives. First, dive in front of the small rocky island, and second, dive before your exit point from the first dive.

Marine Life

The reef slopes with many coral heads and soft corals. Also extraordinary on this dive site are the coral strings. Delicate sea whip, School of Napoleon Wrasse. This fish is called double-headed Maori wrasse; rascals, batfish, and manta rays are seen occasionally.

Dive Direction 

Start the dive with the slope on the right shoulder, going from south to southwest.

District                         : Baclayon
Distance                     : 20km from Alona Beach
Travel Time                : Circa 55min by banca
GPS Coordinates     : N.09˚ 29.451’ E.123˚ 56.038’
Baring                          : From Alona Beach 110˚                                        
: Slope dive
Snorkeling                  : Not nice for snorkeling. Its to deep, with sandy parts in the shallow
Experience                 : Dive site for Advanced divers or higher
Visibility ±                    : 15-22m
Depth                           : 8-35m
Current                        : 1-3 can be strong
Interest                        : Most interesting at 10-20m. Not interesting below 35m.
Dynamite Fishing     : Not affected

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