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Doljo Point


Entry/exit can be difficult when the “Amihan” wind blows. Many giant sea fans, bucket sponges, elephant ear coral, and green leather corals, “anglerfish,” can be spotted. Watch your depth at the beginning of the dive; it's easy to go “too” deep. Watch the blue water for mackerel and squid or young Barracudas. In deeper water, there is an excellent possibility to see sharks, white tips, or hammerheads. Also possible by jeepney or car, land entry and exits are simple, but be careful at the reef top. The trip looks long by boat because it has to go all the way around the shallow east tip from Panglao. The outrigger boats can not make a shortcut except at maximum high tide.

Dive Direction 

Start the dive with the wall on the left shoulder, going south-west.

District                         : Doljo, Panglao Island  
Distance                     : 15km from Alona Beach Circa 39min by banca
GPS Coordinates     : N.09˚ 35.542’ E.123˚ 43.349’
Composition             : Steep slope/wall dive Good for snorkeling 

Experience                 : Easy dive site for Openwater divers or higher 
Visibility ±                    : 15-22m
Depth                           : 8-35m
Current                        : 0-2  
Interest                        : Most interesting below 10-15m. Not interesting below 30m
Dynamite Fishing     : Little bit affected

Doljo Point Begin.png
Doljo Point Halfway.png

Doljo Point Gallery

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