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Three Coconut


A little bit after the marine sanctuary in the south direction comes this dive site. Why it's called the tree coconuts is unclear because there are many coconut trees standing on this coastline.

Marine Life

Great hard corals on the reef top especially at the end of the dive, some big Table corals can be seen here. For fish life, you will see the Blue-finned Triggerfish, Mackerel, Purple Queen Anthias fish many Damselfishes, young Barracudas, Rainbow Snappers, and the Checkered Snapper.

Dive Direction 

Start the dive with the slope on the left shoulder going south.


To all dive operators and boat captains, please do not drop anchor on this side of the island there are very nice hard corals in this area.

District                         : Cabacongan, Cabilao Island
Distance                     : 1km from Polaris dive resort

Travel Time                : circa 5 min by banca
GPS Coordinates     : N.09˚ 52.476’ E.123˚ 45.550’
Composition             : Wall dive
Experience                 : Dive sites for Open Water divers or higher
Visibility ±                    : 10-20m
Depth                           : 7-25m
Current                        : 0-2
Interest                        : Most interesting at 5-15m. Not interesting below 25m.
Dynamite Fishing     : Not affected

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