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The entry point is a little bit further east from the concrete steps which are going into the water on the coastline. Bring dive light for this dive to look inside the small caves.

Marine Life

On the wall are big gorgonians and at the end of the dive nice corrals in the shallow part like big Basket sponges, Brown Daisy corrals, and leather corrals. Often a school of striped fusiliers, Barracudas, and raggy scorpionfish can also be seen.

Dive Direction 

Start the dive with the wall on the left shoulder, going west.

District                         : Looc, Cabilao Island
Distance                     : 2km from La Estrella resort circa 6min by banca
GPS Coordinates     : N.09˚ 53.556’ E.123˚ 46.146’
Baring                          : from the Beach 095˚               
: Deep wall dive to 65m
Experience                 : Easy dive for Open Water divers or higher
Visibility ±                    : 10-20m
Depth                           : 9-66m   
Current                        : 0-3
Interest                        : Most interesting at 15m. Not interesting below 35m.  
Dynamite Fishing     : Not affected

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