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Entry Point is on the south side of the Cambaquiz beach and exit point is before the concrete pier. Nice steep slope with wall cuts and a sharp vertical wall corner.

Marine Life

Only a few corals and fish can b seen on this dive site;  but there are some Parrot fishes, Nudibranchs, Double-headed Maori Wrasse, Damsel Fishes. By the wall corner are Fusiliers and at the end of the dive between the seagrass, the Net Pipe fish, Razorfish, Ghost Pipe fish and Seahorse. In shallow water are many Black and white Demoiselle fis

Dive Direction 

Start the dive with the slope on the left shoulder, going north-east.

District                         : Cambaquiz, Cabilao Island
Distance                     : 5km from Polaris dive resort circa 15min by banca
GPS Coordinates     : N.09˚ 53.130’ E.123˚ 47.626’ Baring from the Beach 095˚
Baring                          : Steep slope dive Good for Snorkeling                    
: Slope dive
Snorkeling                  : Not nice for snorkeling. Its to deep, with sandy parts in the shallow
Experience                 : Easy dive for Open Water divers or higher
Visibility ±                    : 10-30m
Depth                           : 3-25m 
Current                        : 0-2
Interest                        : Most interesting at 10-15m. Not interesting below 20m.  
Dynamite Fishing     : Not affected

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