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Habagat Wreck


Watch your NDL if you plan to dive into the wreck that was sunk by Seaquest Dive Center in the year 2000. You can bring a dive light to look in the wreck and the small caves in the wall.

Marine Life

Swimming above the wreck are Tall fin Batfish, under the wreck Big Lionfish, Giant Anglerfish, and many different kinds of cardinal fishes in the wreck. At the “S” shaped wall look for Anglerfish, and at the end of the dive on the slope, look among the feather stars for the Harlequin Ghost Pipefish.

Dive Direction 

Normally start the dive at the “Habagat” wreck at 35m, then come up along the sandy slope in the north/west direction to the “S” shaped wall with overhang, keep the wall on the right shoulder, going west.

District                         : Doljo, Panglao Island  
Distance                     : 2 ½ KM from Alona Beach Circa 9min by banca
GPS Coordinates     : N.09˚ 32.408’ E.123˚ 45.358’

Baring                          : From Alona beach 251˚    
Composition             : Steep slope dive Good for snorkeling

Experience                 : Easy dive site for Openwater divers or higher  
Visibility ±                    : 15-25m 
Depth                           : 8-34m  
Current                        : 0-1
Interest                        : Most interesting at 8-12m.  Not interesting below 40m
Dynamite Fishing     : Affected      

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